9 Muharram Shahadat Status


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9 Muharram Shahadat: Muharram is the time of grief and a story to learn a lesson from. Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S), the grandchild of Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave his life in the name of righteousness and Islam. He made the perfect, most bright example of martyrdom in the way of Allah.

9 Muharram Shahadat Status

9 Muharram Shahadat Status


Mostly the Shia sect of Muslims prepares hymns in the remembrance of the Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and his Family which is commonly called Noha.
Some of the famous Nohay are:

  • Kya Muhammad ka Pyara nhi hun.
  • Na Ro Zainab.
  • Baadshah Hussain.
  • Haider-e-Karrar.
  • Khuda Khair Karrey.
  • Salam Ghaazi.
  • Baba jaan.

9 Muharram Shahadat Status

Nohay are often played and put on the status by people on the Muharram days to express the attachment and love for Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and grieve over the tragedy of Karbala.

9 Muharram Shahadat Status


Muslims put on statuses relevant to these days on their social platforms to express their love for Hazrat Hussain (A.S) . Some like to express their feelings in poetry like:

  • Shah ast Hussain Badshah ast Hussain
    Deen ast Hussain deen panah ast Hussain
    Sar daad Nadaad dast sardast yazid
    Haq e Bina Lailah ast Hussain
  • Katal e Hussain asal mai marg e yazeed hai
    Islam zinda hota hai har Karbala k baad
  • Insan ko bedaar tou ho lene do
    Har Qaum pukaregi hamarey hain Hussain
  • Hussain tum nhi rahe tumhara ghar nhi raha
    magar tumharay baad zaalimo ka darr nhi raha
  • Ghuroor tootgya koi martaba na milla
    Sitam k baad b kuch Hasil e Jaffa na milla
    Sar e Hussain milla hai Yazeed ko lakin
    Shikast ye hai k phir b jukha hua na milla
  • Afzal hai Kul jahaan se gharaana Hussain ka
    Nabiyo ka Tajdaar Nana Hussain ka
    Ik pal ki thi bas hukomat yazeed ki
    Sadiyan Hussain ki hain zamana Hussain ka.

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