UK Visa from Pakistan Price, Requirement July 2024

UK Visa from Pakistan: Among the most rewarding experience once may have is a trip to the UK. The UK visa also gives you access to visit Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. The typical visitor visa is a somewhat unrestricted travel permit that allows its bearers to fully experience everything that the UK offers. United Kingdom is one of the top ten destinations that the tourists love to visit in the world.

This position has been attained as a result of the fascinating history that has been preserved in the country’s culture and the independent nationalities that make up its population.

It is possible for Pakistani nationals to apply for a visa to the UK. Which visa will best meet your demands should be known before you apply for one.

Top Five UK Visa from Pakistan

Visitor Visa

If someone desire to visit the UK for a variety of reasons, foreign visitors can apply for a regular visiting visa at a UK visa application center. It covers:

  1. Leisure
  2. To take part in sports
  3. Convert civil partner into a marriage
  4. For exchange program

Top Five UK Visas from Pakistan

Business Visa

UK issues Business Visas for the following purposes:

  1. To attend a meeting or conference
  2. To compete in a sporting event
  3. To be enrolled in a training programmed
  4. To fill up a job position

Top Five UK Visas from Pakistan

Medical Visa

The visiting visa for private medical care is also replaced by the normal visitor visa. By requesting a tourist visa, foreigners may travel to the UK for medical treatment.

During the processing of application further records demonstrating the medical procedure may be done.

Top Five UK Visas from Pakistan

Work Visa

The no. of employees entering the UK is regulated on the basis of points system. Your occupation, Nationality, and other factors will affect your ability to receive a work visa.

Depending on the kind of work a person wants to do there are many tiers of UK work Visas. TheĀ  main categories of UK work visas are:

  1. Skilled Workers
  2. Intra-Company transfers
  3. Sportsperson
  4. Minister of Religion
  5. Temporary workers

Work Visa

Student Visa

UK student visas come in variety of forms and are intended for various purposes. The student visas are as follow:

  1. Short term Study visa
  2. Child Student visa
  3. General Student visa

Student Visa

General Documents Requirement for UK Visa from Pakistan

  • Original Passport
  • Statements of bank
  • Print of forms which were submitted through online application.
  • Your travelling details including Hotel bookings/tickets
  • Proof of employment
  • Valid CNIC
  • If a third party is paying for your travel, they must disclose their source of income in order to demonstrate their financial capability.
  • Documentation proving the time you were given to take off from job, school, or your employer.
  • Proof of Source of income
  • Documents of property if it is listed as a source of income.
  • Evidence providing the assurance that applicant has home ties with his nation
  • FBR Tax returns
  • Minimum account balance requirement

Visa Fee from Pakistan:

  • For Six months:20,078
  • For Two years: 76,298
  • For Five years: 138,435
  • For Ten years: 173,731