Islamic Names for Muslim Baby Girls with Meaning

Islamic Names for Muslim Baby Girls

Allah blesses you with a baby girl and you are looking Islamic names for Muslim baby girls with meaning. The trend of choosing name of a baby which is born is the common ritual in almost every religion. Muslim families consider naming their babies a great task. While naming the newborn angel several things are considered such as the meaning of name, origin, and uniqueness.

Islamic Names for Muslim Baby Girls

Muslim Girls Names

When a baby girl is born in a family it is considered as Rehmat of Allah. When Allah is happy with someone, He gifts him with a beautiful baby girl which brings happiness and joy to that particular family. And, when it comes to deciding a name all the relatives khalas and grandmas try to find the best name for that little princess.

Names: Meanings: Origin:
Asma Prestige, exalted Arabic
Ayesha Built structure Arabic
Aleena Soft, Delicate Arabic
Eshaal Name of flower in paradise Arabic
Farheen Happy, joyous Urdu
Hareem Respectable Arabic
Jawaria Bringer of happiness Arabic
Madiha A woman worthy of praise Arabic
Nida Call, proclaim, voice Arabic
Nazia pride Persian


Islamic Names for Girls

In most of the families, the day on which the baby has to be named is celebrated as a great event in which close family members are invited and everyone suggests names for the little princess, and the best name is having a beautiful name with a great history are preferred.

Names: Meanings: Origin:
Aliya High, exalted Arabic
Afifa virtuous Arabic
Bisma Smile Urdu/Arabic
Farah Happiness, gleefulness Arabic
Hiba Gift Arabic
Inaya To recite, to read Arabic
Kinza Treasure Arabic
Maha Resembling the moon Arabic
Samreen Beneficial Hebrew
Sobia Reward for good deeds Arabic


Islamic Girls Names

Before the birth of baby parents decide the names of their beloved child. Every parent wants a beautifully unique name for her baby. Its been told by elders that names have a great impact on the personalities of children. Names of Islamic history heroes are considered as the first preference for the baby.

Names: Meanings: Origin
 Abir Fragrance, perfume Arabic
Zoya Loving and caring Persian
Wajiha Eminent Arabic
Urwa Support Arabic
Sehrish sunrise Arabic
Sadaf seashell Arabic
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory Arabic
Amal hope Arabic
Benazir Incomparable, matchless Arabic
Daneen Princess Hebrew

Baby Girls Names

Babies are the gift from God. They are the most innocent creatures that exist in this diplomatic world. The happiness of having a healthy baby is undefined. It’s a feeling of extreme excitement mixed with fears of responsibilities but as a Muslim, it’s our staunch belief that baby brings its fate with her.

Names: Meanings: Origin:
Akifah Devoted, dedicated Urdu
Barirha faithful Hebrew
Batool A true devote woman of Allah Arabic
Mahrosh Piece of moon Persian
Maria Kind of bird Roman
Mehr Full moon, kind Irish
Munira Bright, brilliant Arabic
Zainab Fragrant flower Arabic
Ayat Sign of God’s creation Arabic
Anabia Fragrance, odor Arabic


Pakistani Girls Names

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has called blessed to a woman who has a girl as her first kid. Having a girl is a great blessing of Almighty. Islam has given high status to girls in society. Don’t consider these little angels as curse they are blessing and source of joy in your life. They bring a lot of happiness to them. They are the best gift one can ever have.The are happy to get baby girl in life.

Names: Meanings: Origin:
Yasmeen Jasmine, a flower Arabic
Noreen Loveable, bright Arabic
Anoosha Delighted, happy Urdu
Minhal Source of knowledge, generous Arabic
Zubia God’s blessing Arabic
Shanza Woman of dignity Urdu
Farwa Fur Urdu
Shafaq Morning Arabic
Kubra Great Urdu
Rabeel lioness Urdu


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