Islamic Names for Muslim Baby Boy with Meaning

Names for Muslim Baby Boy with Meaning

The feeling of a mother when she saw the first glance of her baby whether the baby is a boy or a girl is impossible to be explained in words. As babies are like angels; innocent, cute, and adorable their parents also want their names to be cute and adorable like them. I am going to give you a list of names for Muslim baby boys with meaning.

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Names for Muslim Baby Boys with Meaning

Muslim Boys Names

When a baby boy is born in the family the level of happiness could not be defined. Gifts and sweets are sent to the houses of family members. Celebrations are at their peak. Small gatherings are organized for naming the baby. As parents want to enjoy each and every moment of their parenthood.

Names: Meaning: Origin:
Ayan God’s gift Arabic
Adeel Virtuous Arabic
Ali Lofty, sublime Arabic
Bilal Name of Prophet’s (PBUH) companion, water Arabic
Danish Knowledge, wisdom Persian
Fahad Panther, leopard Arabic
Farhan Happy, joyous Arabic
Haider Lion Arabic
Irfan Wisdom Arabic
Junaid Warrior Arabic

Islamic Names for Boys

Babies are considered the blessing of Allah Almighty. Every moment spent with babies is full of joy and when they have cute little names, they look more beautiful and cuter. These babies are the purpose of happiness and joy for their parents. They bring hopes and new dreams with them. They shower their blessings on everything which is connected to them.

Names: Meaning: Origin:
Asad Lion Arabic
Asim Guardian, protector Arabic
Faisal Judge, decisive ruler Arabic
Riaz Many gardens Arabic
Daniyal Intelligent Persian
Haris Guardian Arabic
Javed Eternal Persian
Kamran Successful, blessed fortunate Persian
Mohsin Helper, humanitarian Arabic
Nabeel Noble, distinguished Arabic

Islamic Boys Names

The mother’s love for her child is unconditional. She loves her child as no one else can do. She gives him comfort in all possible ways. Parents sacrifice their dreams to make their children happy. Whether the person is poor or rich that doesn’t matter, but he tries to give the best of all to his child. Mothers can not see their child in pain because they are part of their bodies.

Names: Meaning: Origin:
Azaan Call for worship, announcement Arabic
Aryan One who belongs to noble people Arabic
Faizan Great grace, great beneficence Arabic
Hashir One who assembles Arabic
Kashif Discovers, pioneer Arabic
Muhammad The most praised one Arabic
Noman Man, with all blessings of Allah Arabic
Owais Fearless Arabic
Ridwan Contentment Arabic
Saad Happiness Arabic

Boys Islamic Names

Becoming the mother expands the parameters of what love looks like. Being a mother is the most rewarding thing. It is the best gift one can have by the grace of God. The relationship between parents and a baby is developed from the first day and this relationship is the best in this fake world.

Names: Meaning: Origin:
Abdullah Servant of Allah Arabic
Atif Compassionate Arabic
Hammad One who praises Arabic
Rashid Rightly-guided Arabic
Saqib Shining star Arabic
Zohaib Leader, king Arabic
Maaz Brave man Arabic
Ibrahim Father of nations Arabic
Zayan Beautifier Arabic
Ihtsham Strength Arabic

Baby Boys Names

The family is incomplete without having babies. The happiness and satisfaction that surrounds the house are undefined. Parents seem super excited to have a cool and unique name for their baby. They do their complete research before assigning them a name. Having a baby is a huge blessing.

Names: Meaning: Origin:
Hamza Loin, strong Arabic
Rayan A gate in paradise Arabic
Shahzaib Crown of king Arabic
Haseeb Noble, respected Arabic
Sameer Pleasant companion Persian
Umair Life, long-lived Arabic
Waqas Brave warrior Arabic
Arham Kind, compassionate Arabic
Amir Prince Arabic
Rohaan Spiritual, kind-hearted Arabic