Pakistan Vs England Series Schedule in October 2022


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When we talk about a DNA Sport, only cricket comes in our mind. Pakistanis have been praising this sport since their origin. It has such an immense effect on our lives that our Prime Minister is a former cricketer. Today I’ll be covering all the details of England Vs Pakistan Series in Schedule in October 2022.

Despite the global pandemic, it is our core duty to pursue positivity. Cricket has been entertaining the world with a unique blend of uniformity, team play, health, and fitness. It improves our observance. It helps us focus better with a break relieving all the mental stress.  We are thankful to the government of Pakistan especially PCB and England for making this possible in such difficult times. We will overcome this soon INSHALLAH.

Without further ado, let us get into the schedule of Pakistan Vs England Series october 2022.

Test Series Schedule




Pakistan Standard Time


Pakistan Vs England 1 of 3 July 30 to october 3 3:00 PM Lord’s Cricket Ground
Sports venue in London, England
Pakistan Vs England 2 of 3 october 7 to 11 3:00 PM Old Trafford Cricket Ground
Ground in Stratford, England
Pakistan Vs England 3 of 3 october 20 to 24 3:00 PM Test Bridge Cricket Ground , West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England

Test series evaluate the consistency of the team. It evaluates the bonding between the batsmen. There progressive approach to a finite run rate resulting in a considerate target for the counter team.  It calculates the stamina of players to perform for a considerable period. As a result, the long term performance of the players is improved. Their health and fitness improve drastically. All of these things add up to improve the team.

T20 Series Schedule




Pakistan Standard Time


Pakistan Vs England 1 of 3 29 october 10:30 PM Yorkshire Cricket Ground
Stadium in Leeds, England
Pakistan Vs England 2 of 3 31 october 6:30 PM Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground
The stadium in Cardiff, Wales
Pakistan Vs England 3 of 3 02 october 10:30 PM Rose Bowl Cricket Stadium Cricket ground in West End, England


Which is the most entertaining category? Yes, you are right. It is a T20 cricket tournament. A 20 over game may seem trivial. But, the suspense and pressure make it an absolute wild play. It is the most entertaining indeed. To put into perspective, a team employs all of its quality skills into these 20 over to come up with a fruitful result. This is a strict examination of their management, health, and practice.

Pakistanis have a deep affection when it comes to the country England. Our bonding with the country is because it has proved as a good luck charm for us. Not going much far, Pakistan had a victory over India in ICC Champions Trophy in 2022 in Oval, Kennington London, England. 180 run margin of victory is said to be the largest in terms of runs in any ICC ODI tournament.

We are wholeheartedly looking forward to this Pakistan Vs England Series Schedule in october 2022. Hopefully, it will be an exceptional fount of entertainment. This will strengthen the bond between England and Pakistan. All of such invents promote positivity which is need of the hour.


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