Muslim Baby Boy Names for Pakistan 2024


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Are you looking for Islamic names that are both ethical and meaningful for your baby boy? Naming a child is an exciting experience. Every member of the family recommends a name and insists on naming the child with their suggestion. On the other hand, most Pakistani families try to name their children after members of their family.

As a result, the names people choose are influenced by ethnic, Islamic, and familial traditions. In all of this, parents, in particular, become perplexed since they want to come up with a distinctive and simple name while yet adhering to Islamic and family traditions.

But this post will clear up all your doubts because it contains a list of unique Islamic Muslim baby boy names for Pakistan with meanings. You can select the one that you believe is most suited based on its meaning and simplicity.

List of Muslim Baby Boy names for Pakistan

Names Meanings
AbdulBaqi Servant of the everlasting
AbdulAhad Servant of the only One(Allah)
AdbulAzim Servant of the Mighty(Allah)
AbdulGhani Servant of the Self Sufficient
AbdulSami Servant of the All hearing
Abdul Qawi Servant of the most strong
AddulRafi Servant of the one who raises
AbdulWali Servant of the Governer
AbdulJami Servant of the gatherer
AbdulMani Servant of the one who prevents
Ali Prominent, Superior
Arham Compassionate
Aryan Beyond anyone’s strength
Ayaan Inclined towards God
Abbas Stern, Lion
Abdullah Servant of God
Adeel Virtuous
Anas Friendliness
Aryan One who belongs to the noble people
Ashar One who has wisdom
Baasim Smiling
Badr Full moon
Badr UDeen Full moon of faith
Basil Brave
Behram He who comes from Mars
Behrouz The person who is fortunate to live a life of luxury
Burhaan Proof
Danish Name of one of Prophet’s companion
Daood Name of Prophet
Dastageer Supporter
Dayyaan A mighty ruler
Dheeshaan Elegant
Dirgham Lion
Faaris Horseman, Knight
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faaiz Successful
Faadhil A generous personality
Gazi Leader
Gafar Stream
Haadie The guide
Haakim Intelligent
Ibaad A worshipper
Ibrahim Name of the prophet
Ibtihaaj Happiness
Ifaan Time, Season, Weather
jaamil Beautiful
Jabbar Brave
Jaafar Rivulet
Jan Muhammad Life of Muhammad
Kaamil Perfect
Kashan Place of Rulers
Kadar Powerful
Maahir Skilled
Maaz Brave man
Nasih Advisor
Nabeeh Nobel, Outstanding
Omais Love, Affection
Omar Long-Lived
Ohad United
Saad Good Luck
Saalim One who is peaceful
Tabseer Enlightenment
Taahid To console
UbaidUllah Lovely servant of the Allah
Ubayd Worshipper
Zaafir Victorious
Zafar Victory
zaahir Bright
Zadfar Glorious Birth
Zaeem The leader
Zaaef Hospitable


The most exciting and traditional part of any family is naming the child. Every member of the family recommends a name based on their individual likeness. The names are mostly influenced by religious and familial identity. Pakistani families consider naming their children after Islamic ideals or their family history. However, it becomes difficult for the child’s mother and father to choose among so many suggestions. This article provided a comprehensive list of the most popular Muslim baby boy names for Pakistan and their meanings.


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