GM Cables Price List 2024

GM Cables Price List 2023

Are you looking for a GM cables price list for 2024?? We are here to provide you with all the information related to GM cables and their rates. So you are on the right platform. Just have a look at the article.

GM Cables Price List:

GM cables are the most popular brand in Pakistan. These cables are very reliable. Their quality and design are very superior. They use a material that shows superb performance. The price of cables depends on length and quality. Here we are giving you detailed information. You just have to keep scrolling.


  • GM Cable Stranded  1×2.5MM²                        90 meters                     Rs. 6350
  • GM Cable 1x1MM²                                          90 meters                        Rs. 2983
  • GM Cable 1x10MM²                                        90 meters                       Rs. 25745
  • GM Cable 1x6MM²                                          90 meters                        Rs. 15533
  •  Cable 1x4MM²                                              90 meters                        Rs. 10593
  • GM Cable 7/0.29                                            90 meters                        Rs. 7830
  • GM Cable 16 mm square 1-Core                      90 meters                        ₨ 37,290
  • GM Cable 1.5 mm square 1-Core                     90 meters                        ₨ 3,490
  • GM Cable 3/0.29                                            90 meters                        Rs. 3602
  •  Cable 1×1.5MM²                                           90 meters                        Rs. 4030
  • GM Cable Stranded 1×1.5MM²                         90 meters                        Rs. 4130
  • GM Cable RG-7 COAXIAL CABLE                       90 meters                        Rs. 5980
  •  Cable 1×2.5MM²                                            90 meters                        Rs. 6216
  •  Cable   3/29                                                  90 meters                         Rs.4430
  •  Cable   7/44                                                  90 meters                         Rs.20,400
  •  Price of Cable   7/29                                       90 meters                         Rs.10,000
  •  Price of Cable   7/36                                       90 meters                         Rs.13,000

Here we have provided all the prices from highest to lowest.

Composition and benefits:

They are made up of 99.9% pure copper and are very reliable. These cables are also long-lasting. In residential and commercial places these GM Cables are the best choice.

Some of these cables are resistant to corrosion because they are made up of excellent material. We can use these wires in household appliances, industrial machinery, and other electrical equipment.


So these are all the details about GM cable. Their prices are also given. Now you can easily purchase cable of your own choice according to your required length, quality, material, and price. There are other articles available on our site regarding rates of various things.

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