Magnum Price in Lahore

Magnum Price in Lahore

Magnum Price in Lahore” Would you want to give a treat to yourself on Sundays? Well! Magnum ice cream is here with a high-end luxurious treat for those looking for something special. Since 2018, local consumers in Pakistan have had the chance to experience the premium chocolate-covered bar of goodness. You can always vouch with magnum for creamy ice cream encased in a satisfying crunch of Belgian chocolate.

Magnum is offered in a variety of traditional and decadent flavors, including classic, white vanilla, and chocolate almond. Since each bar is made with natural ingredients, every bite has a promising taste and iconic texture. Magnum makes it possible for you to indulge completely in its unique flavors. Magnum ice cream bars are the ideal dessert or a midnight munch to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones. So, give yourself a treat with The Great MAGNUM!

Magnum Price in Lahore

Magnum Price in Lahore: For those seeking a delicious and refreshing treat, Magnum ice cream is a superb option in Pakistan. It’s not only bursting with exotic flavors, but it’s also an incredible way to stay energized and refreshed when the temperature rises and feel fatigued.

Usually, magnum ice cream prices for 80ml and 90ml range in Rs.300 and Rs.350 respectively.


                              Magnum Flavors

Wall’s Magnum Classic-90ml                          Rs.300
Magnum Almond 80ml                          Rs. 270
Magnum Vanilla White Chocolate                          Rs. 500
Magnum Chocolate Brownie                          Rs. 700
Magnum Truffle Ice cream                          Rs. 600
Magnum Choco Cappuccino                          Rs. 1000

Conclusively, Magnum ice cream is a fantastic treat for people seeking something delectably sweet in Pakistan. In addition, it works pretty well to energize and refresh people with its exotic flavors.