Cornetto Price in Pakistan

Cornetto Price in Pakistan

Cornetto Price in Pakistan” The ice cream Cornetto is well-known worldwide. In a relatively short time, it has become a huge hit here in Pakistan. People can find their ideal flavor combination with Cornetto’s extensive range of flavors.

As your taste buds experience the crisp, golden cone you’ll discover a richness of creamy core yet velvety texture of ice cream. It creates a heavenly magic with delectable sweet chocolate sauce, nuts and chunks of chocolate. This made it one of the most liked ice creams in Pakistan.

The company sells a variety of cornetto ice cream flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Cornetto ice cream comes in a variety of containers and sizes. The size and flavor of the cornetto ice cream affect the cost of the treat.

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In this article, we share some of the rates of Cornetto ice creams. So, stay tuned…

Cornetto Price 

The average price of a small cone of Cornetto is between Rs. 90-100. Whereas, the price of a large-size cone is usually between Rs. 150-400.

           Cornetto Flavors


Cornetto Pop Cone          Rs. 80-90
Cornetto Classico 100ml          Rs. 80-90
Cornetto Flirty Berry 100ml– Cornetto Price in Pakistan          Rs. 80-100
Vanilla Caramel Disc          Rs. 100-120
Cornetto Brownie Disc Cone 100ml          Rs. 100-130
Cornetto Double Chocolate 100ml          Rs. 100-130