Rolling shutter price in Pakistan

Rolling shutter price in Pakistan

Rolling shutter price in Pakistan: Are you searching for a competent rolling shutter for your shop? We’ll help you out in finding a roller shutter at an affordable price. The term “Roller shutter” refers to a type of door or window shutter made up of horizontal slats. These slats move in up and down position. The movement may be automated on huge doors. Theft, wind, rain, fire, and other hazards are all dealt with by these tough shutters.

These shutters are designed to protect your homes, shops, workplaces, and garages against theft, robbery, or any harsh weather conditions. However, one should take note of the quality and toughness of the rolling shutters before buying. Here we will discuss the components, types, and price of rolling shutters.

Type of rolling shutter

  • Shutters with tilting louvers
  • Built-in roller shutters
  • Automatic rolling shutters
  • Electric rolling shutters

The automatic rolling shutters contain automation with a tubular motor fitted with an axle tube. The digital devices or switches control these shutters.


Before buying a shutter for your shop you must look at the quality of the rolling shutter. The components include slats, bottom slats, guide rail, axle tube, and shutter (box and spring).

Slats: Slats are designed hollow or insulated and made with steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Axle tube: It is an aluminum or steel tube supported by the end plate.

Shutter (box and spring): The shutter box is designed to protect against the internal components of a shutter. However, the shutter spring contains two spring wires: A torsion spring and a Flat spring.

Guide rail: It prolongs product lifespan and decreases the risk of operating vibrations.

However, roller shutters are secured with curtain slats. The shutters contain slide lock or bullet lock.

Rolling shutter price in Pakistan

The price of rolling shutters varies from a minimum of Rs.17,000- a maximum of Rs. 90,000 depending on the size, width, and height required.