Naeem Electronics Installment Plan for Mobile

Naeem Electronics Installment Plan

Naeem Electronics Installment Plan: Do you want to buy a high-tech phone but you’re left a few thousand in your account? Well, here’s a deal for you. Naeem Electronics is one of the most prominent retailers of electronics. It offers appliances such as televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, and much more. The company also offers high-quality mobiles at the best price.

It has launched an installment plan offering you an exceptional experience that will amaze you. Its core focus is ensuring convenience and highly valued client satisfaction. The installment plan makes it affordable yet convenient to buy the desired phone. With this, you can plan your payments over time accordingly without having a financial burden.

Naeem Electronics Installment Plan

The company has an installment plan for each product that varies according to the product and terms and conditions of an installment plan. You have to pay an additional 15% of the product price before purchasing. The company has installment plans for mobiles such as Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. Here’s a price list of mobiles along with their installment cost.


              Model          Original price       Installment rate
              A-16E            Rs. 39,999             Rs. 4,100
              A-17K            Rs. 49,999             Rs. 5,050


Vivo- Naeem Electronics Installment Plan

             Model        Original price       Installment rate
              Y-22           Rs.69,999            Rs. 7,200
              V27E          Rs. 119,999            Rs. 12,250



             Model          Original price       Installment rate
              A-04           Rs. 37,500            Rs. 3,900
              A-13           Rs. 62,999            Rs. 6,550
              A-23           Rs. 78,500            Rs. 8,150