Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Water Tank Price in Pakistan: A water tank is a typical home item that stores and supplies water for numerous uses. A water tank is typically a sizable, cylindrical container that is composed of strong materials like plastic, fiberglass, or metal and is intended to keep water for a long time.

Many houses require water tanks, especially in places where the water supply is erratic or irregular. They are also used to collect rainwater for cleaning, gardening, and other household chores. Water tanks can be placed above or below ground, and they can be connected to a variety of plumbing systems throughout the home, depending on their size and construction.

Advantages of water tank

  • Flexibility and durability

Water tanks comprise various sizes and designs to cater the specific needs. The customized sizes and designs let you decide what suits you better for households or commercial places.

  • Reliability

It ensures access to water, especially in areas where there is a water shortage or unreliable water resources.

  • Adaptability

Water tanks enable to use of saved water for other purposes such as cleaning, gardening, bathing, etc. It also saves the cost of local water supply.

Disadvantages of water tank

  • Required maintenance

Water tanks need regular maintenance to make them last for a longtime. The maintenance of the tank includes a thorough inspection of damage and deep cleaning. Poor maintenance may result in low-quality or polluted water

  • Installation area and cost

Water tanks need specific areas to be installed and it can be costly sometimes. This includes plumbing and installation charges.

  • Potential risk of leakage

If a water tank is not properly maintained, there is a risk of leaks or structural damage over time. Leaks can result in the loss of stored water, property damage, and increased repair costs. Additionally, leaks can lead to wasted water, which is counterproductive to conservation efforts.

If there’s poor maintenance, it increases the risks of leakage or may cause structural damage. It also results in loss of stored water that may interrupt your work that requires water such as cleaning, gardening, cooking, etc.

Water Tank Price in Pakistan

The price varies according to the size of the water tank. Here’s a price list of a few water tanks as per their size.

                       Size                        Price
                       400 Ltr                        Rs. 13,000
                       600 Ltr                        Rs. 18,000
                       1000 Ltr                        Rs. 21,000
                       1200 Ltr                        Rs. 32,000