Walls Ice cream price

Walls Ice cream price

Walls Ice cream price: Ice creams have always been a favorite dessert for people of all ages. And when we talk about ice cream, how can we forget our love for Walls? We all had nostalgic memories of the tantalizing flavors of Walls Ice Cream.

Walls offers a variety of delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy palates. There is always something for everyone like King Kulfa, Orange Jackpot ice-lolly, or Cornetto Cones in traditional flavors of vanilla chocolate and pistachio.

The best thing about Walls is that there is a flavor for everyone making it the top pick for many people looking for sweet pleasure. The enticing variety at Wall Ice Cream elevates the pull of the delectable world of ice creams, which has long been a staple of our society.

Here we will discuss the rate list of wall ice creams.

Walls Ice cream price

Ice Cream Cup:

Walls ice cream cup comes in different flavors such as Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Pista. The price for an ice cream cup (60ml) is Rs. 70. However, the price can vary in cities.

Ice Cream Tub

Ice cream tub for vanilla chocolate, almond crunch is for Rs. 335. However, the price can vary in cities.

Ice cream pack of 800ml- Walls Ice cream price

A bucket usually comes in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, tutti fruity, kulfa, pista, mango, and caramel vanilla. It comes in Rs. 400. However, the price can vary in cities.

Cornetto Ice Cream

The Cornetto flavors of Brownie Disc, Double Chocolate, and Cornetto Classic have a unique form of palatability. Their price range is between Rs. 80- 160.

Walls Family pack of 4.5Ltr- Walls Ice cream price

Walls family pack comes in three main flavors including, mango, pistachio, and caramel crunch. The price range is between Rs. 1050-1150.