Property Documents verification online in Pakistan

Documents Required for Property Verification

Property Documents verification online: Whenever making a purchase of property in Pakistan, make sure that the property is registered with the name of the individual you are working with. In order to view to whom the property belongs you shall be able to verify the property documents.

Real estate deals, whether they take place in Pakistan or elsewhere, are not always as straightforward as they might seem. A small problem may lead to deal deterioration. Hence in order to handle the deal in a smooth way and not get scammed, you must be alert and knowledgeable about the property verification.

Documents Required for Property Verification

Title Deed

These are the fundamental legal documents that safeguard the rights of an owner to sell his property.

Sales Deed

During the process of property transfer, a Sales Deed document is required. It is an important document that must be signed by the seller and buyer parties.

Once all terms and conditions are satisfied the Sales Deed document is signed and all the arrears of the property must be cleared by the seller before signing it.

Mother Deed

As the property is transferred from one owner to another, the name on the Sales Deed changes which makes it difficult to trace the owners to whom this property belonged previously. Mother Deed is a document that stores the record of all the owners of the property.

Approved Plan of the Property Property Documents verification

The document verifies that the property being sold is built according to the plan approved by the authorities and it bears no legal issues.

Intimation of Disapproval

This is a permit that lists the conditions that the builder must fulfill to begin the construction at the site.

Power of Attorney

The document grants the owner the authority to lease or sell real estate that is registered in someone else’s name.

Completion Certificate

After the project has been built as per the conditions, a certificate is awarded to the project. The legality of the property is also determined by the completion certificate.

Property Tax Receipts

Always ask for the property tax receipts before making a deal to make sure that the owner has paid all the previous taxes of the building.

The procedure of Verification:

Property Documents verification Government Land

The government has provided an online facility to check the ownership of land which has made the buying and selling of properties simple in Pakistan. Punjab and Sindh’s government web pages can be utilized for this purpose.  LRMIS System can also be used in Punjab to check land ownership.

Property Documents verification Private Societies

In the case of private societies, you may have to visit their office personally to verify the landownership or you may visit the official websites of private societies. At the office, the seller must provide you with a copy of the NOC issued. For extra advice, you may also take into account the agents who work in these fields.

It is to be noted that only Punjab and Sindh offer an online portal for this purpose whereas for other provinces you have to personally visit the office.