Akbari Mandi Masala Jaat Rate in Lahore June 2024

Are you looking for Akbari Mandi masala jaat rate?? Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with the rate list of Akbari Mandi Lahore. All details are given below:

Akbari Mandi Masala Jaat Rate:

Akbari Mandi is a very old Market. This market was made before the formation of Pakistan. So this mandi gives a very traditional look. Mandi is very vast and Delhi Gate is also there which is also a representation of old culture.

Akbari mandi masala jaat rate

Akbari Mandi Area:

The area of Akbari Mandi is very large and things like dry fruits, grains, and other masala jaat have covered a vast area.

Fresh and pure things:

The best thing is that all the masala jaat taste fresh and they are also pure and clean.

Cultural vibes:

Akbar Mandi is giving us very traditional and cultural vibes because this Mandi has made before 1947. Delhi Gate also shows old culture and civilization.

Akbari mandi masala jaat rate

Akbari Mandi Masala Jaat Rate:

Most of people think that the things in proper markets are at very high rates but here reality is that all the dry fruits, grains, and masala jaat are available at very reasonable prices and rates.

In other shops, the price of almonds is Rs.1800 per kilo but here the price is Rs.1500 per kilo. As you can see a huge difference so it is not wrong to say that the Akbari Mandi masala jaat rate are very cheap and reasonable and anyone can easily afford them.

Similarly, the prices of other masala jaat are also very reasonable.


Akbari Mandi is located on circular road, in Lahore.

Phone Number:

If you want to contact the phone number is available here:

0302 6993322

So, if I conclude all the things I can say that this mandi is situated in a vast area. Things are clean and pure. Prices are very reasonable so anyone can afford them easily. The best thing is that masala jaat is not fake and dirty like in other shops. This mandi in Lahore has the best masala jaat and is available at reasonable rates.

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