Bicycle price in Pakistan today 2024 with inches

bicycle price in Pakistan

Are you looking for bicycle price in Pakistan?? Bicycles in Pakistan are a popular form of transportation. They are economical, easy to use, and can be found in most major cities. Bicycle prices in Pakistan can vary depending on the brand and features. There are different companies of bicycle in Pakistan. If you want details then have a look at it.

Bicycle Prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, bicycles are used to do everyday tasks like going to school, enjoying the outdoors, etc. They are becoming famous for mountain biking or road cycling. Punjab is the main center of bicycles in Pakistan.

bicycle price in Pakistan

Bicycle companies in Pakistan

Different bicycle companies are as follows:

1. Sohrab cycle
2. Eagle bicycle
3. Phoenix cycle
4. Galaxy Turbo Bikes
5. Sonica Bikes
6. Speed Cycles
7. Ravi cycles
8. Hero cycles
9. Atlas group cycles
10. Pakistan cycle industries.

Electric Bicycles Prices in Pakistan

Electric bicycles are also available in Pakistan and they are getting more popular nowadays. They are modern bicycles and use batteries to work. These electric bicycles attract the rapt attention of the public and are available at very reasonable and affordable rates.

Bicycle Price in Pakistan

Their rates are reasonable and affordable. A detailed information and rate list of bicycles is given below:

Random Bicycle prices:

  1. 20-inch Kids Bicycle  7 To 10 Years:              Rs.22,500
  2. 20 Inch Kids Bicycle Free Style:                    Rs.30,999
  3. 26-inch Mountain Bicycle Medium Frame:      Rs.41,999
  4. 16 Mm Chipmunk Bicycle For 5 To 7 Kids:      Rs.24,999

Sohrab bicycle Price :

Sohrab is a Pakistani bicycle company manufacturing both bicycles and their parts. It is in Lahore. Their rates are as follows:

  1. Sohrab Sprinter:                   Rs.15,000 
  2. Sohrab Classic:                     Rs.20,000 
  3. Sohrab Road Master:            Rs.25,000 
  4. Sohrab Road King:                Rs.30,000
  5. Sohrab MTB:                         Rs.35,000

If we talk about a 22-inch bicycle it is available at Rs.17500.

Hero bicycle Price:

It is also the best manufacturing company in Punjab, Pakistan. We are also sharing their prices here:

1- Hero Road Master:           Rs.25,000 

2-Hero Road King:                Rs.30,000

3-Hero MTB:                         Rs.35,000 

4-Hero Electric Bike:            Rs.50,000 

Pakistan bicycle store price:

It is also one of the best manufacturers of bicycles and their parts. Pakistan Bicycle produces a wide range of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and kids’ bikes. The rate list is also here:

1- Pakistan Cycle Flash:                        Rs.20,000

2-Pakistan Cycle Road Master:             Rs.25,000 

3- Pakistan Cycle Road King:                Rs.30,000

4- Pakistan Cycle MTB:                          Rs.35,000

Ravi bicycle price:

Ravi Bicycle Industries is one of the major manufacturers of bicycles. They produce bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and kids’ bikes. Their approximate rates are:

1- Ravi Road Master:          Rs.25,000 PKR

2- Ravi Road King:              Rs.30,000 PKR

3- Ravi MTB:                        Rs.35,000 PKR

4- Ravi Electric Bike:           Rs.50,000 PKR

Note: Please keep one thing in mind all these prices are approximate and original prices may vary due to different locations and specific features.

So this is all about the bicycle price in Pakistan. A variety of styles and options are available in Pakistan so they provide an enjoyable and reliable mode of transportation.

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