AC Gas Price in Pakistan July 2024

AC gas price in pakistan

Are you looking for AC gas price in Pakistan?? I was also searching for AC gas rates because the gas in my AC ran out. So, don’t worry. Here, we are sharing AC gas price in Pakistan. All details are given below:

AC Gas Price:

As you know that AC is a necessary element nowadays. People want to cool their rooms so that they can sit there and enjoy cooling. AC can provide the best cooling if the gas is filled properly otherwise it will stop working.

All air conditioning units don’t use petrol for their work instead they require gas. The air conditioner is a closed system that cools the air by converting the refrigerant that is liquid inside the copper coils to gas.

If the gas level is low it will affect the cooling capacity of air conditioning units.

Best AC gas:


2- R22

These both are the best gases and they are extremely cold in liquid form. When this liquid turns into gas the result is powerful cooling from air-conditioned units.

R410 VS R22:

R22 damages ozone. Currently, R410, which doesn’t damage ozone, is the most commonly used in central heating and air conditioning equipment.

AC gas price

There are also other gases like Honeywell 134a etc.

Need for AC gas:

Your AC requires gas when:

1- It runs nonstop but never cools your room.

3- Your refrigerant lines are covered in ice.

3- The air is not cold.

4- There is a crackling sound.

AC gas price in Pakistan:

The price of AC gas is :

Split AC for 1-ton or 2-ton                        Rs.2,500

Invertor AC gas for 1 ton or 1.5ton           Rs.5,000

Non invertor AC gas for 1 ton or 1.5 ton    Rs.4,000

Inverter AC gas 2 ton                               Rs.5,500

So, there are different price ranges. Price starts from 1800 that is the minimum. Expensive gas provides the best cooling.

Air Conditioning gas life span:

If you use it wisely an AC unit can operate for 8–10 years without needing a gas refill. It all depends on how you use the AC gas.


From the above discussion, we concluded that the price of AC gas increases with the increase of AC’s ton.

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