10 Problems with Japanese Cars in Pakistan

Japanese cars are one of the most reliable options when it comes to a used car purchase in Pakistan. But, they have several disadvantages we faced in Pakistan. These are some problems faced by the owners of a Japanese car. Everyone wants a maintenance-free car in Pakistan there are some advantages and some disadvantages of a Japanese car. This article provides you 10 major problems with Japanese cars in Pakistan.

Problems with Japanese Cars

1. Drive and Suspension Japanese Cars in Pakistan

JDM (Japanese Domestic Models) are designed, tested, and manufactured according to Japan. They have a stiff suspension set up based on the Japanese terrain. This makes the car a bit uncomfortable as compared to locally manufactured cars in their league. This results in a slightly less desirable drive.

2. Issues due to poor fuel quality

Japanese cars are built according to the latest global Euro Fuel standards. Unfortunately, Due to a lack of concern, the fuel standards are decades behind the rest of the world. Due to poor fuel quality following are the problems in JDMs.

  • Catalytic Converter Chocking

Catalytic converters (CAT) are the emission regulators of vehicles. These devices convert toxic gases like NO2 and CO into less harmful N2, CO2, and Water. In Japanese cars, the CAT gets blocked at least every 50,000 Kilometers which disturbs the overall performance of cars.

  • Fuel Pump Issue

Another problem due to poor fuel with pollutant particles is the blockage of fuel pumps of Japanese cars. The fuel pump is needed to be replaced which often has a hefty price tag. All of this adds up to the yearly maintenance of cars.

3. Authenticity of Documents

It is advisable to verify all the documents before making a purchase decision. In some extreme cases, the documents are not original which leads to a lot of problems for the owners.

4. Cost of Ownership

Despite readily available parts, JDMs have a higher cost of ownership. The prices of body parts are high. Usually, you cannot find a skilled JDM mechanic in small cities and districts.

5. Ground Clearance

They have a lower ride height as compared to local ones. With 4 adults and luggage in the boot, you will find them scratching on every speed breaker.

6. Auction Sheet Verification

Auction sheets describe the exterior and interior of the car even a minor scratch. In some cases, customers get forged auction sheets that question the actual condition of the car.

7. Resale Problem in Japanese Cars in Pakistan

JDMs are value to money. But, the resale value of a car is an important consideration. Otherwise, you may end up buying a model that no one will be willing to buy as a second consumer.

8. Value retention

Most of Japanese cars retain their market value. Dollar prices also play a role. But, some sparingly imported models having very little consumer demand show a drastic dip in prices on resale. Therefore, choose wisely

9. Safety of accidental cars

Minor accidental cars are not the issue (those having fender and bumper damages). Don’t buy an accidental car that had its airbags diploid in the impact. They are coffins on roads. They are esthetically well-repaired but have zero safety.

10. NCP cars Japanese Cars in Pakistan

Illegally imported cars without tax payments fall in the NCP Category. Don’t let someone lure you into buying an NCP car. They may be surprisingly cheap but you cannot drive them. Will you buy a car you cannot drive?