Youtube channel ideas without showing face in Pakistan

Youtube channel ideas without showing face in Pakistan

If you want to make a youtube channel but don’t want to come in front of the camera. The following are the best youtube channel ideas you can run in 2022 and beyond without showing your face.


YouTube channels with motivational content are extremely popular. Often, these videos are inspired by compilations of industry leaders in motivational speaking.

There are also motivational YouTube channels that use animation videos as the focal point for their videos. Obviously, this is more work, but there are software products and freelancers who can create these animations for you quickly without costing a fortune or taking weeks to complete.

Product Reviews

The best YouTube channel for those who enjoy shopping and trying new things. A product review is exactly what it sounds like: you buy a product or a few and make a video describing how it works (if it works), how you feel about it, and whether or not you recommend it.


People enjoy watching gameplay footage. My boys, I swear, prefer watching other people play video games over playing them themselves!

When you think of online gaming, you might think of Twitch, but the YouTube gaming community is alive and strong. Starting a YouTube gaming channel may be a fun way to share your interests and experiences with people, whether you’re a rookie gamer or an expert speedrunner. Also, don’t forget to create a channel dedicated to tabletop and board games! Get your friends engaged and make your YouTube channel more than just a place to watch videos.

Cooking Youtube channel

People are constantly on the lookout for delectable new recipes and cooking guidelines. And, because the emphasis is on the food, you can film from above, simply exposing your hands.

It doesn’t have to be gourmet cuisine; you could develop a channel dedicated to quick meals for muscle building or quick breakfasts to make before work.

Recap of Memes

Memes are popular on the internet, so creating a YouTube channel around them is straightforward. Curate your memes, add some amusing music, and you’re ready to go. You could also record a voice-over (voice modulators are a great technique to increase the hilarious factor) and react to the memes you’ve picked.

There are many of these types of YouTube channels, but there is always a place for artists who are ready to put in the effort on a consistent basis. Also, coming up with video ideas for this channel isn’t tough because new memes pop up all day every day. Simply by reacting to 12-15 memes per video, you may generate fantastic videos and a successful channel.


Meditation is an extremely healthful exercise that benefits both the mind and the body. YouTube meditation channels perform astonishingly well, and YouTube is a fantastic venue for assisting others in starting their meditation journey or learning new techniques.

And you don’t need much to get started with a meditation-based channel. Find or make some calming art and background music, then narrate your guided meditations and how-to films in a soothing tone of voice.

Other Youtube channel ideas

Some other channel ideas are following;

  1. Celebrity talk
  2. Daily vlog
  3. Horror stories
  4. Nail art
  5. Dress designing
  6. Mehndi designs
  7. Stitching courses and many more other channels.