Best 5G Internet Package for Zong 2023

Best 5G Internet Package for Zong

Best 5G Internet Package for Zong” In Pakistan, Zong has been at the forefront of internet technology development. To draw clients, the business offers a number of fantastic deals. In this article, there are a variety of Zong Device Packages available, so pick the best one for you.

Best 5G Internet Package for Zong

Daily Basic Package

You’ll get 100 MB internet on Rs 17 + tax. Dial *6464# to get this daily offer.

Daily data max

In daily data max you avail 500MB internet +500 MB for YouTube in just Rs. 38+tax. To get subscription dial *6464#.

Super Weekly offer- Best 5G Internet Package for Zong

Avail this offer by dialing *6464# to get 2.5GB internet for 7 days in just Rs.123+tax. The offer will expire automatically on 7th day midnight.

Super Weekly plus

Another weekly offer gives 7GB for 7 days in Rs. 164+tax via subscribing *20#. It will expire on 7th day.

Super Weekly Max- Best 5G Internet Package for Zong

This weekly offer has 25GB internet including 10GB for 24 hours and 5GB for 4AM-4PM, and 10GB for YouTube. Avail this offer by subscribing on #220# in Rs. 201+ tax only. It will also expire on 7th day.

Zong Shandar Weekly Offer

It offers 350MB along with free 50 off-net mins, 1000 On net mins, and 1000 SMS in Rs 85+tax. You can subscribe it on *7# for 7 days.

All in-1-Weekly

You can subscribe for this offer on *6464# for 7 days in Rs. 200. It offers 1000MB along with free 1000 on-net mins, 40 off-net mins, and 1000 SMS.

Monthly Basic 500

Want to avail monthly offer at minimum rates, take this monthly basic offer with 500MB for 30days in just Rs 150+tax. Dial *6464# to avail this offer.