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Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake in Pakistan with family

Dudipatsar Lake in Pakistan: Lake also known as Dudipat Lake, is surrounded by snow-clad peaks in Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park. The lake’s water is very cold, greenish-blue in color, at an elevation of 3,800 meters (12,500 ft). Dudipatsar Lake with its amazing view and mesmerizing location, also known as PEARL OF KAGHAN VALLEY. The word “dudi” means white, “pat” means mountains and “sar” means lake.

This name has been given to the lake because of the white color of snow at surrounding peaks. We can call it the earth’s eye; because looking into it the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. Dudipatsar Lake located in the north of the Kaghan Valley, in the Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in northern Pakistan. It is a 4-hour drive away from the main town of Naran.

This lake expresses a view of beauty and tranquility. It is not the world’s largest lake but it is surely one of the most attractive ones. The lake looks like some Hollywood venue and gives nature admirer a complete treat.  It takes the tourist to a different World, where you can chill, admire, and lost in the beautiful gifts of nature we are blessed with.

Best time to visit Dudipatsar Lake

If you visit a beautiful venue at the wrong time, it will spoil the fun it offers and you won’t be able to avail of its beauty to the fullest.  So the perfect time to visit Dudipatsar Lake is summer, from Late July till the end of September.

In the summer, the Lake has a beautiful view an eye-catching scenery, the reflection of mirror-like water makes it more adorable for the visitors from different regions of the country and even from abroad, who travel all the way from their places to witness these enchanting views.

How to reach Dudipatsar Lake?

There are many ways to get there at Dudipatsar Lake but the most easily accessible one is from Behsal (Besal) via Mulla ki Basti. Leave early from Naran, then hire a Jeep to go to Behsal (Besal). It takes max 2 hours to reach there. From Behsal it’s approx. 7-8 hours trek to Dudipatsar Lake. Then you can hire a guide as well as Horses from here.

The guide will cost you around Rs. 2000/- per. You’ll see a narrow way in the start of the journey and also a couple of glaciers on the way. Then the path widens up after approx. 6-hour drive, then you’ll see “Mulla Ki Basti”. Mulla ki Basti is a small village where you can get something to eat. But it will be more convenient if you carry packed food with you. Then you’ll have to hike for 2 hours further to reach Dudipatar Lake. Some people camp & relax here & go to the lake the next morning. Some go directly to the lake & finally relax there.

What to do at the lake?

It offers a number of fun activities,

  • Fishing
  • Camping Adventure
  • Boating
  • Photography with an amazing view
  • Food stalls
  • Trekking

Hope you find this helpful.


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