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Volkswagen T6 Features and Price in Pakistan 2024

Volkswagen T6 Features in Pakistan: Volkswagen T6 is a specially designed spacious Van with the accommodation of several people in it. This van is becoming very much popular in Pakistan due to some of its specialties. People are knowing about it and want to purchase it. This multi-purpose van with quite unique features fascinate people around the globe. Volkswagen launches its recent model in Pakistan. That is why people want to know about its features and specialties.

What are the features that make it unique and what is the price of Volkswagen T6 price in Pakistan? So here we are going to tell you about some of its unique features and its specialties about the latest model of Volkswagen in Pakistan 2024.

Volkswagen T6 features and price in Pakistan

This is the whole new version of Volkswagen. The recently introduced model of this van is very fascinating. There are many features of this van that make it unique from other vans. Here we are describing the latest version of this van which is launched in 2018. It a recently available in Pakistan. The queries about its features and price are given below.

Volkswagen T6 Price In Pakistan

The price of this super spacious van is somehow variable. But the most accurate price of this van is about 50 lacs. This van and the latest version of the Volkswagen is available in just 50 lacs all along with Pakistan.

The features of this van are very interesting. Here we are going to tell you about the features of this van.

Volkswagen T6 features

There are some very special features of this super spacious van. Here is the list of its features.

1. Sliding door on both sides of the van
2. Easy comfortable seats
3. Comodation of more than 6 people
4. Easy manageable luggage accommodate
5. Super grip wheels
6. Easy manageable steering wheel
7. Super electronic sensor system
8. Availability of Bluetooth/SD card/USB drive
9. Mobile charging capability
10. Automatic windows with an electrical sensor
These are some of the super unique features of this Volkswagen T6 model of 2018. The latest model in Pakistan. some of the specifications of this Volkswagen T6 is as follows.

Specifications of Volkswagen T6 model 2018

Some of the speciations of this van are as below.

This is the 1968cc van, With the capacity of 4 cylinders. This super spacious van has a fuel capacity in its tank is about 70 liters. This van has an AdBlue capacity of up to 13 liters.

The gearbox has a speed of 5. And the output of this van is 220@1250. This van is available in 4 types of engine.

So these are the specifications of this model.


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