10 Bad Habits of Children in Pakistan

10 bad habits of children in Pakistan

Everyone in this world is imperfect whether they are children or adults. If someone has any bad habit, you should help them to come over their bad habits. 10 bad habits of children must not be ignored.

Children of today are the future of tomorrow. We have to help those children as parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. Parents are well-wishers of their children and want their best for their kids.

To be a good parent you have to be alert all the time. You should know what your kids are doing. Being a parent, you have to be totally concerned and be aware of every little move of your kids.

Bad habits of children

  1. Nose picking

You have generally seen many little kids who are picking their noses in public. This habit is not only disgusting or cringe but it affects hygiene. Nose picking can result in nose bleeding or infections.

As children touch everything. So, their hands would be full of bacteria and germs. Maybe some germs can cause serious allergies or infections. This type of behavior is most irritating and a common problem.

  1. Nail biting

Nail biting is a very unhealthy habit. It also comes in bad hygiene. Biting nails can give rise to the problems of infections. Food poisoning and diarrhea type diseases can easily because of this. Eventually, the growth of nails will become slow and irregular shape is observed.

Parents can cure this problem very easily by following some home remedies. Such as applying bitter taste things on their hands. Or, they can keep them busy in other tasks such as playing, drawing and etc.

  1. Eating in front of the Television

We are living in an era of technology. Everywhere we can see screens and people are very much indulging in this. Many kids are in the habit of watching tv every time. Watching tv is not a bad thing but too much use of everything is harmful.

Children must eat their food quietly with full concentration. Researchers proved that eating in front of tv has a harmful effect on both the mind and health of children.That is Bad Habits of Children in pakistan

  1. Sucking fingers and Thumb

We have seen many kids putting their whole fingers in their mouth or they are just sucking their thumb. And sometimes it is noticed that the thumb of feet is also in their mouth. Kids are just chilling with sucking. It is very often that little kids put everything in their mouths.

These things contain bacteria and can make your kid sick. To avoid doctors and all that tension you should keep an eye on your little one. This habit is the most irritating of all others.

  1. Not brushing teeth bad habits of children

Not brushing teeth is also a violation of self-hygiene. This is the time when good and bad habits of children become the part of life of kids. They learn 50% of the basics at this age. Not brushing teeth will leave your child with yellow teeth. It causes bad breath and provides a healthy environment to grow bacteria.

After the age of 10 or 12, if your child starts brushing teeth that will affect him for always. He cannot be able to smile with full confidence just because of yellow teeth. It will shatter his or her confidence.

  1. Video games and too much screen time

It is very common nowadays that from infants to toddlers or from children to adults they all are screen lovers. Everyone is busy with their phones. Kids also spent a lot of time playing video games.

Excessive use of these things can cause eye problems such as week eyesight. Every video game has age restriction but if your child is violating that restriction. Maybe it would result in some mental issues.

  1. Wiping their hands with clothes

After eating food kids often clean their hands with table mats, with any sofa or withy their cloths. That just gives a very dirty look of the child. They must be taught to wash their hands before and after every meal. They should use wipes or tissue papers for this purpose.

  1. Irregular sleeping pattern

The irregular sleeping pattern can result in bad health. Sleeping on time is a very good thing. For the proper growth of children, they should sleep early and rise early. As there is a famous saying early to bed early to rise makes men healthy, wealthy, and wise.

  1. Leaving toys everywhere Bad Habits of Children

If you don’t teach your kids to be responsible from day 1 or they can be a disaster when they will be adults. To be organized is a golden quality. You have to teach your little ones to put their things back at their places. Tell them a place where they can place their stuff after playing.

  1. Procrastination in homework Bad Habits of Children

Many schools going kids don’t do their homework at the correct time. They try to delay as much as they can. That is a sign of running from duties and responsibility. you should make a proper schedule for your kid. In which they have a good time to play and complete their homework.