Bloomfield Hall School Fee Structure 2024

Bloomfield Hall School Fee structure

Bloomfield Hall School Fee structure: A school is much more than a medium through which academic training takes place.  All educated parents (with time on their hands) can do this quite effectively at home without sending children to school.  School is not merely a teaching academy. A good school provides opportunities that a single household cannot.  It enables students to socially interact, teaching them the rules of interaction when they venture out in the real world – enabling them to live in a civil society.  It teaches them tolerance in face of opposition or even provocation.

School is a microcosm of society at large: it prepares us for entry into adulthood equipped with skills to cope with the challenges of adult life and to turn setbacks into triumphs.

Bloomfield Hall School fee structure 2024


Bloomfield Hall is one of the major educational institutions in Pakistan. It was established in 1984 by educationists from the UK and Pakistan. The aim of the project was to provide British-style education leading ultimately to British qualifications. Pupils of Bloomfield Hall are prepared for the GCE ’O’ and ’A’ level examinations of the UK examining bodies.

Since its establishment, Bloomfield Hall has developed in two major directions. It has opened schools in various cities in Pakistan. It has also assisted in the provision of higher education in Pakistan: in Lahore, one of its sister institutions – University College Lahore – offers degree programs of the University of London in various disciplines including Economics, Management, Accounting, Law, and Information Systems.

Bloomfield Hall is a modern school in a meaningful sense: it offers modern systems and technologies in education and also provides an environment that is liberal and progressive to encourage an attitude of critical inquiry amongst its pupils.

Bloomfield Hall School Mission

At Bloomfield Hall we aim to be an effective school, providing a quality environment for pupils to develop and achieve a high standard of education. We want them to be happy, have a good self-image, be good citizens, and set the foundations needed for adult life.

We aim to do this by:

  • having high expectations of each child
  • helping children to develop lively, enquiring minds so they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed throughout their lives, and to be responsible for their own learning
  • providing equal opportunities for all our children and differentiating their learning as appropriate
  • fostering respect and tolerance for the religious beliefs, cultural differences, and ways of life of others
  • developing in each pupil a feeling of self-worth
  • helping children to understand the importance of being a good citizen and their duty in the world as a whole
  • Having a well-qualified, caring, happy staff who support each other and work together as a team to achieve all these aims.

Bloomfield Hall Fee structure for 2024

Class Fee
Reception 20,374
Prep 1 20,799
Prep 2 21,223
Class 1 21,648
Class 2 22,072
Class 3 22,496
Class 4 23,770
Class 5 24,194
Class 6 24,619
Class 7 25,043
Class 8 25,468
Form III 26,316
Form IV 26,316
Form V 26,316