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British Overseas School (BOS) Fee Structure and Admission

The British Overseas School strives to be acknowledged on a global scale as a pioneer in the delivery of cutting-edge, superior UK education. To do this, they are dedicated to developing an educational ethos and atmosphere that will benefit the entire school community in terms of learning, growth, and development. They  are confident that their students will graduate from their programs as imaginative, helpful, and responsible members of the global society who have been given enough zeal, passion, and desire to last a lifetime.


Through the fulfilment of their mission, which is to provide their employees and students with:

The capacity to grow and thrive, the ability to question, the capacity to learn, the safety to make mistakes and
The confidence to learn from such errors
The chance to grin, laugh, and love going to school; the encouragement to become independent; the direction to succeed; the atmosphere in which to collaborate, compete, and care;
The character to lead with,
The values to live by.

Forms Required For Admission

1. A fully filled-out application
2. A fully finished Form for pre-interviews
3. A registration fee that is not refundable. This addresses the handling of the admissions application. It is applicable to all applicants, including those who are reapplying after a one-year or longer break from The British Overseas School. This charge is good for two years.
4. All academic records from the previous three years, the results of any formal evaluations, including those from standardized tests, and any conclusions reached as a result of any psycho-educational evaluations the prospective student may have had.
5. A birth certificate or passport that attests to the child’s nationality and birthdate.
6. Two pictures of the child’s parents and a copy of their passport
7. Each parent’s passport-sized photo.

Following Receipt of The Necessary Papers, The School May:

1. Choose not to proceed with the application.
2. If a spot is not available in the child’s appropriate year group, add the application to the waiting list for that year. In this situation, the “Assessment Procedures” won’t go into force until a spot opens up or is anticipated to open up.
3. If there is space available or is anticipated to become available, proceed with the “Assessment Procedures.”
The following will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to provide a seat if the School chooses to proceed with the process:
1. The outcomes of a parent/guardian interview with the kid.
2. The results of the admission exams at the school, which are intended to show the child’s current academic standing in a number of key subjects, their academic potential, as well as their capacity for collaboration and interpersonal relationships.
3. The quality and validity of earlier academic reports.

British Overseas School Fee Structure for the 2024

Fee Heads Pre-Nursery Nursery R – Y5 Y6 Y7 – Y9 Y10 – Y11
Registration * £150 £150 £150 £150 £150 £150
Entrance Fees ** £1,580 £1,580 £1,580 £1,580 £1,580 £1,580
Annual fees £2,862 £3,885 £4,567 £4,732 £6,075 £6,355
Security Fee £275 £275 £275 £275 £275 £275
Books’ Deposit *** £0 £0 £0 £200 £200 £200

1. All costs are written in GBP but must be paid in local currency, PKR.
2. There are three installments for the yearly price, but they can also be paid all at once.
3. Entrance and Annual fees include 5% tax, which will not be charged to active taxpayers/filers.
4. It is the School’s policy not to refund fees under any circumstances except for the books’ deposit only.

-Non-refundable upfront payments

-Payable upon initial enrollment in the school

-Refundable upon book return and approval of the student clearance form.

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