Which Engineering has the most females in Pakistan

Which Engineering has the most females in Pakistan

Engineering has the most females in Pakistan: Engineering is an intriguing and invigorating field. Unfortunately, this field has always been overpowered by men. In any case, lady engineers are causing a few disturbances in this field despite everything. For a long time, the female play had a fundamental impact as fashioners and developers of basic designs and machines even before the term ‘engineer’ was begat in the eleventh hundred years.

Pakistan has one of the greatest gender gaps on the planet. Against all odds, female commitments are prominent in the engineering field regardless of the relative multitude of difficulties at various levels. Throughout recent years, a developing number of females have entered the fields of engineering. As women are in almost every field but there are few particular fields of great interest for females.

Engineering has the most females in Pakistan

A list of top three engineerings has the most females in Pakistan

  • Software Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a four-year bachelor’s degree program that has the most females in Pakistan. Women in Pakistan make up 25% of the labor force as software engineers in Pakistan. As the job is office based it is considered suitable for female employees. Due to the extra home burden, female software engineers also consider work-from-home opportunities. As the degree required strong reflexes to solve the problem, female software engineers are always at the rescue.

Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering is a growing field for females in Pakistan. This Engineering is more towards planning spaces and not field situated where you should be on site to finish. Females are considered more creative than males so this is the kick to their career as architectural engineers. It is an intrinsic property of a girl to renovate and decorate. For this reason, a total of 18% of the labor force in architectural engineering are females.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the need of the hour as better and more efficient surgical tools are required for surgery and diagnosis. Female engineers are not behind in this noble effort to serve humanity. As there is a significant number of females in this particular. Studies have shown that women are more philanthropic than men.

All in all, Engineering has equivalent open doors for all kinds of people and anybody having the right inspiration can have an effect.