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Headstart School Islamabad fees structure

Are you looking for Headstart School Islamabad fees structure?? Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with all the information and fee structure about the Headstart School. Just have a look at this article:

Headstart School Islamabad:

Headstart School is one the most famous schools in Islamabad. Naznin & Najib Murtaza are the owner of this school. It was established in 1992 and it is famous for O Levels. It is providing quality education in Islamabad. Other details are given below.

Headstart school Islamabad

Discipline and management:

Discipline is very excellent in this school and they manage their all matters in a very good way.


They are providing several facilities to their students. There is a well-furnished library, computer lab, science lab, and sports facilities at the school.

Clean Environment:

The environment is very clean and airy classrooms are available there. Teachers’ behavior with the students is also very good

Excellent faculty:

The faculty and staff of the school are knowledgeable and every teacher has a strong grip on her subject.


The preparatory school is an English medium school.

Cocurricular activities:

The school arranges different co-curricular activities for the students.

Headstart School Islamabad fees structure:

There are different fees categories which are as follows:

Application fee:

The fee for applying to the school  is Rs.3000

Entrance fee:

The entrance fee is  Rs.75000.

Endowment fee:

The endowment fee is Rs.75000.

Term 1:

Term 1 fee is different for different classes or grades:

1- Rs.1,20,000

2- Rs.150,000

3- Rs.170,000

4- Rs.212,500

Term 2:

Term 2 fee is different for different classes or grades:

1- Rs.90,000

2- Rs.112,500

3- Rs.127,500

4- Rs.212,500

Term 3:

Term 2 fee is different for different classes or grades:

1- Rs.90,000

2- Rs.112,500

3- Rs.127,500

Discount in fee:

A sibling discount is also available. Families with two children will receive a 10% discount on tuition fees for the second child.


It is situates in P.O Box # 1531, Kuri Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone number:

051 111 478 278

So, this is all about the Headstart School Islamabad fee structure. School is expensive but they are providing quality education to their students.

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