Cone Ice Cream Machine price in Pakistan

Cone ice cream machine price in Pakistan

Cone Ice Cream Machine price: Today we are here to give you detailed information about cone ice cream machine price in Pakistan. Its price is different in different areas. Some are expensive and some are reasonable. So, don’t worry. You are on the right platform. Just have a look at this article.

Cone Ice cream machine

Different types of cone ice cream machines are available in Pakistan. When the summer season arrives everyone wants to eat ice cream just to get rid of hot weather. It gives a cooling sensation in extremely hot weather. Cone ice cream machines are necessary things in restaurants and ice cream bars. You can also put it in your home. We are providing here all the information so you get to know about the rates of machines.

Cone ice cream machine Price


Ice cream machines work on two main functions.

1- Mixing 

2- freezing

The ice cream mixture is added to an internal bowl, which is then stirred using a rotating paddle, powered by the machine. A built-in freezer brings the temperature of the mixture down and begins the process of freezing.

Different shapes and designs:

1- Cone machines can produce nice and edible expand cones.

2- It Produces different shapes of cones.

3- It designs and makes different kinds of cones according to specifications, capacity, color, and shapes.

Cone ice cream machine price in Pakistan:

Prices are different for different areas. Here are the prices mentioned below:

Ice Cream Maker Machine BQL-218       ₨190,000.00            1300W

Commercial Icecream Batch Freezer    ₨320,000.00            1300W

Ice Cream Machine BQL-208                ₨250,000.00           1900W

Ice Cream Machine BQL-188                ₨225,000.00           1700W

 Machine BQL-198                               ₨210,000.00            1600W

 Machine BH188TC                              ₨190,000.00            2100W

Commercial Icecream Batch Freezer     ₨240,000.00            1400W

Popsicle Machine MKH16C                    ₨255,000.00           1400W

Price in Lahore:

There are different rates of machines in Lahore which are as follows:

1- Rs.150,000

2- Rs.125,000

3- Rs.98000

4- Rs.90,000

5- Rs.190,000

6- Rs.299,999

Price in Rawalpindi:

There are different rates of machine in Rawalpindi which are as follows:

1- Rs.190,000

2- Rs.200,000

3- Rs.165,000

4- Rs.320,000

5- Rs.180,000

6- Rs.120,999

Cone ice cream machine Price

So this is all about the price of cone ice cream machines in Pakistan. We have shared the highest price as well as the lowest one.

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