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5 Best Medical Colleges in Sargodha 2024

Medical colleges in Sargodha: Sargodha is the developing city of Pakistan. It is famous for its highest productivity of oranges all over Pakistan. But it is not the only specificity of Sargodha. There are some other specialties of Sargodha a the famous city of Punjab. There are many educational institutes in Sargodha. After Lahore, Sargodha is the most educated city in Punjab. Due to this reason, there are many universities and educational institutes in Sargodha.

There are many other small cities and towns affiliated with Sargodha city. many students came here from other remote areas to get higher education. So here we are going to tell you about the best medical colleges in Sargodha.

Medical colleges in Sargodha 2024

As in other cities, there are also two types of medical colleges in Sargodha. Both the public sector and private sector medical colleges are present in Sargodha. Here is a brief description of these educational institutes and the familiar procedures of their admission and its facilities. So have a look at these queries.

Medical colleges of Sargodha

The two types of Colleges in Sargodha are as follows

Public sector Medical college

There is only a single public-sector medical college in Sargodha known as “Sargodha Medical college” This is the famous and most known medical college in Sargodha city. The fee structure and the procedure of the admissions in this medical college are expanding below.

Private sector Medical colleges in Sargodha

There are some of the private sector colleges in Sargodha such as.

1. Rai medical college Sargodha
2. Niazai Medical college Sargodha
3. Niazi dental college Sargodha
4. Sargodha institute of health sciences
5. EMC para medical college
6. Aqsa institute of medical sciences Sargodha
These are some of the medical-related institutes in Sargodha. But here we are going to tell you about the public sector medical college in Sargodha.

Sargodha Medical college

This is the only public sector medical college in Sargodha. there are many educational and extracurricular facilities available for the students in this college. In this college, many students from remote areas come and get admission for the sake of getting higher educational studies. The fee structure and affiliation of this college is with the UHS.

Affiliation of Sargodha Medical College

This college has its affiliation with the UHS university of health science Lahore. The whole process of entry tests and their merit lists is under the control of the University of health sciences Lahore.

Eligibility to apply

There are certain criteria for eligibility to apply to medical colleges. All information is described in the prospectus.


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