Pakistani Companies NTN numbers with name List

Pakistani Companies NTN numbers with name List

Here you can get a list of Pakistani companies NTN numbers with names. We provide you Local & private limited companies NTN numbers. In Pakistan NTN number is mostly used for Tax matters or registration of Annual Returns and new registration. NTN number is used for submission of withholding income tax, sale tax on a monthly basis. NTN Stands for National Tax Number in Pakistan. Every National Cardholder gets NTN for this you need to apply New NTN. NTN or CNIC is different from each other. Every salaried person needs to apply for NTN because you need to give proof to the government you are a tax holder.

Let’s start to get a list of Pakistani companies’ NTN numbers that help you to add NTN numbers in your required data for annual Income Tax or Sales tax returns.

How to Find NTN Number Through CNIC

Please verify online from the official government website about NTN is correct.  NTN is compulsory because without NTN you can’t submit your monthly withholding and sales tax return. You are Tax Payer you need to submit your annual return but in Pakistan, most of people deduct monthly tax from salaries but not deduct tax.

Pakistani Companies NTN numbers

Dua & Co 42301-6766898-5
Home Catering 2411064-7
HRSG Outsourcing Pvt Ltd 2829881-7
Al Khawar Traders 2454070-6
Ozee Advertising 4239352-3
A & A Company 1464660-9
AHB General Suppliers & Services 7572864-3
Haris Enterprises 2227012-4
Triangle Automobile & Engineer 0896032-1
Techno-Chem Enterprises 0988340-1
Offset Printing Co 4163387-3
Mascon Enterprises 3184096-5
Faisal Auto Parts 1853313-2
Al-Jalil Goods Carrier 2145414-7
Bollore Logistics Pakistan Pvt Ltd 3332013-6
Multinet Pakistan Pvt Limited 1205953-6
Pakistan Mobile Communication Ltd 0802694-7
Premier System Pvt Limited 0676280-8
Toyota Southern Motors 1055946-9
SGS Pakistan Pvt Limited 0712048-6
Quality Aviation Pvt Limited 1358866-4
Honda Gateway Pvt Limited 2279624-0
United Registrar of System 0859490-2
Tipu Associates 1339548-3
Fatima Consultant & Engineering 1051536-4
MJ & CO 4383298-8
Toyota Ravi Motors 2217519-9
Suzuki Motorways 1691422-8
Hotel Margala Pvt Limited 0656874-2
The Arena Hotel DHA Multan 2905795-7
DHA Club Pvt Limited 3981488-2
GSF International Services Pvt Limited 306685-8
Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi 0822910-4
TCS Pvt Limited 0712355-8
Arabian Sea Enterprises Limited 0700949-6
Fist Security Pvt Limited 2076965-2
Zifan Hotels 7983133-7
M&P Express Logistics Pvt Ltd 0860540-8
Active Communications 2532535-3
Netsol Connect Pvt Ltd 1414814-5
MashAllah Electric & Cooling Center 7854400-1
Pestgon Enterprise 3423343-1
Sohail Ahmed 7495670-2
Danyal Engineering 4234397-6
Paperclip Pakistan Pvt Limited 7554216-3
Pakwel Equipment 3336899-6
Shophive 2064858-8
Promo Sight Advertising 2679888-3
Faisal Sameer Engineering Works 3049830-9
Multi Décor 42201-7983056-6
Mansha Brothers 1461250-0
Regent Plaza 0711522-9
Brain Telecommunication Ltd 1279677-8
Ril Logistic Pvt Limited 2899948-7
Germany Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry 4293441-9
Quality Aviation Pvt Limited 1358866-4
Velocity Pakistan 8161983-0
Global Eco Lab 1179090-3
Dua & Co 8926742-2
HRSG Outsourcing Pvt Limited 2829881-7
RICI Pakistan Pvt Limited 4312223-0
Cmpak Ltd 0711579-2
Grace The Guest House Islamabad 1284195-1
TCS Pvt Limited 0712355-8
Zifan Hotel 7983133-7
Brain Telecommunication Ltd 1279677-8
Tipu Associates 1339548-3
M&P Express Logistics Pvt Limited 0860540-8
Euro Holding Services 4336283-4
Netsol Connect Pvt Limited 1414814-5
LinkdontNet Telecom Ltd 1215469-5
DHL Pakistan Pvt Limited P0816259-0
Multinet Pakistan Pvt Ltd 1205953-6
Versatile Eng Services 7543955-2
Faheen Battery Traders 5013949-4
Climax Service Co 7190273-2
Toyota Southern Motors 1055946-9
S.A Enterprises 8920322-8
Faisal Auto Parts 1853313-2
Toyota Ravi Motors 2217519-9
AQUA Product Services 1184950-9
Blaze Technologies 5556329-8
Al Jalil Goods Carrier 2145414-7