Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan 2024

Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan 2020

Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan 2024. After intermediate, the majority of students wish to go to medical college, army, and engineering colleges. That’s not our mistake. We basically don’t know about our interests at that stage. And after the time passes, we realize that we were not made for it. Then we start compromising.

Moreover, technology has played a very important role in growing our youth. Now there are a lot of fields in which our income is more than the doctor’s or engineer’s income. We should always find the skill in ourselves. Enhance it with continuous efforts and touch the sky.

Being with Environmental scientists I learned a lot about them. And after reading this article you may get the answer to your questions.

Scope of Environmental Science in Pakistan

What is Environmental Science?

Firstly, the environment is everything around us. It is the interaction of living and non-living things with their surrounding. It combines the biological and physical aspects of the environment.

In addition, the nature of environmental studies is to detect any change in the earth’s atmosphere then research it and repair the damage.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying in Environmental Sciences in Pakistan 2024

The second thing that comes to our mind is whether are we eligible to go in that field. So here you can get the answer.

FSC (premedical)

B.Sc. in Environmental Science -3 years (6 semesters with a duration of 6 months each) M.Sc. Environment Sciences -2years

M Phil Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

Scope of Environmental Sciences in Pakistan

Most importantly, As pollution is increasing day by day and people are facing many problems due to ozone depletion etc. It is destroying the human’s mental and physical health. Due to this, the world is becoming more conscious of their environment. In addition, now in the 21st century, the demand for them is increasing. And they can easily get jobs in any industry with a good salary.


Thirdly, Environmental scientists can work as

  • Software Developer
  • Health Officer
  • Environmental Expert
  • Specialist
  • Principal of Laboratory
  • Production Executive
  • Environmental consultant expert
  • NGO worker
  • Government servant
  • Regulator
  • Lecturer
  • Senior Inspector Officer
  • Content writer Employment AREAS FOR Environmental SCIENTIST
  • WASA
  • Air pollution management wing
  • Research centers
  • Irrigation Ministry Department
  • Municipal councils
  • Environmental protection NGO
  • Green peach
  • Survey plant companies
  • Testing laboratories

Top Universities offering

Lastly, it is very important to choose the best university. University did not only educate us but also play a very important role in our grooming.

1) The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

2) Gomal University

3) Government College University

4) University of Agriculture

5) Karakoram International University

6) University of Gujrat

7) University of Haripur

8)Allama Iqbal University


Consequently, by going into this field we not only get a good salary but also a good and relaxed life. We don’t need to work as doctors or engineers. However, we can give time to ourselves and our family.