SICAS School Lahore Fees Structure 2024

SICAS School Lahore Fees

SICAS School Lahore Fees Structure: SICAS is one of the best schools in Lahore. It aims to provide an excellent education to the young people of Pakistan. SICAS seeks to develop in its students a strong intellectual and moral foundation, as were leadership skills that prepare them to act as responsible citizens. Young people are given the opportunity to develop a responsibility for learning, to care about others, and to have the personal resources to pursue their dreams. So, this school is best for your kids. they develop both mental and physical health of their by providing them with good education and physical activities.

So, in this article, we will provide you with information about this school and its fees structure.

SICAS School Lahore Fees Structure

Campuses of SICAS School Lahore

As we know it is the best school in Lahore. They provide the best facilities to their students. So, this school has 5 campuses in Lahore. In different locations and providing the best education to the kids in Lahore.

Following is the list of the campuses in Lahore.

  1. Girls campus
  2. Boys campus
  3. Johar town campus
  4. SICAS senior
  5. SICAS DHA (ib world school)

Facilities in SICAS

This school has all the facilities which are necessary for students. They have very good outdoor and indoor sports facilities. This school has a very big canteen and library. Also, all campuses have swimming pools.

Admission Process

If someone wants to get admission to this school go to the official website and fill out the admission form and select the campus on which you wanna get admission.