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University of Management & Technology UMT Admission 2024

UMT admission for 2024 is open now. All institutes admissions are open except the School of Health sciences. UMT is one of the top-rated universities in Pakistan. It has many programs so every student can take admission according to his/her interest.

At the start, UMT offers only technical and engineering-related fields but it is also offering many fields of medical, finance, computer, and almost every field. There are round about 60+ societies and clubs in UMT which provide a platform for co-curricular activities.

Location in UMT Admission

The University of Management and Technology is situated in Lahore. The exact address of UMT is C-11 Johar Town, Lahore

University of Management Technology UMT Admissions

UMT Library

UMT library provides a perfect environment for those who want to study in a peaceful environment. This University Library contains 130,000 books.  Students can read books in a comfortable and peaceful environment. UMT also provides the facility to its students to borrow any kind of book whenever they need it.

Why it is the best choice?

HEC Recognized

Students should prefer UMT because it is HEC recognized means that the UMT degree has worth it. Many universities are not HEC recognized so the degrees of these universities do have any worth. When we have to take a job in any field our degree matters a lot so students who have HEC recognized degrees will be preferred. Students should assure that the university must be recognized by HEC before taking admission in it.

Teachers of UMT Admission

UMT teachers are very talented. The teachers know the modern teaching way and they assure 100 percent satisfaction of their students. UMT teachers focused on delivering the lecture in an easy and simple to satisfy their students in every perspective. The Student-Faculty ratio of UMT is 1:30, this ratio is available only in a few universities. Teachers are available at any time. Students have an easy approach to their teachers.

Scholarship in UMT Admission

University Management and Technology also provides a chance for those students to continue their studies who have financial issues. University provides many types of scholarships to its students to assist them in their studies. UMT proves 1:3 financial assistant to their students.

Qarz e Hasna

UMT provides Qarz e Hasna to their students. In this UMT provide Qarz to needy students and they have to return it to university after he/she completes his/her studies. The student has to pay in easy installments.

Merit-based scholarship

Merit-based scholarships are also provided to many students. Each field has its own merit and UMT gives scholarships according to their criteria. Students should maintain their CGPA in order to continue their scholarship in all semesters. If they fail to maintain it then UMT will cancel their scholarship and they have to pay the full fee.

Programs In UMT Admission

UMT is providing 140+ programs. Almost every student will find their area of interest in UMT.

Schools In UMT

There are about 19 schools in UMT covering almost each and every area of the education system.

  • Institute of Aviation studies
  • Health Sciences School
  • Governance and Society School
  • Commerce and Accountancy School
  • Food and Agriculture Sciences School
  • Law and Policy School
  • School of Textile and Design
  • Engineering School
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Professional Advancement
  • School of Science
  • Institute of Clinical Psychology
  • Science and Technology
  • Business and Economics
  • Liberal Arts
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Islamic Banking
  • Communication and Cultural studies

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