New Best Capri Pants Designs for 2021


Capri pants also called Pedal Pushers, are something in between shorts and trousers. They are below the knee, longer than shorts and above the ankle, shorter than trousers designs. Capri is usually worn with Kurtis because it looks graceful with it. Women like to wear it for a decent look instead of shalwar.

As per each year, the old fashion is replaced with the new one and becomes popular among the people. These pants make a major comeback in the year 2021.

Capri Pants Designs for 2021

Capri with Net Designing on Bottom

These designs include a net piece for designing pants. You can use the fancy net or small flower bunches to make your pants more beautiful.

  • Stripes Design On Bottom

These designs include a complex design of stripes that are making a web-like design or simple plain design on the bottom of the pants.

  • Knot on Bottom

Capri Pants

The knot design is for an eye-catching look. It is like a bow at the side bottom of the pants.

  • Pearls or Beads on Bottom

Capri Pants

Capri Pants

In this design, you can add some beads or pearls on the bottom of the pants to make them more attractive and beautiful.


  • Plates on Capri Bottom

These designs include plates on the bottom of the pants for a different and decent look. You can add more designs with plating or can do simple plating for a simple look.

  • Best Capri Designing¬†

Capri Pants

Capri Pants

Capri Pants

Capri Pants

These different designs are the most beautiful ones for a graceful look of your whole dress.


Thank you for reading and watching all the designs, hope you like it. You can show these to your tailors for making your dresses more attractive or can try it by your own self if you are an expert.

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