Gaming Chair prices in Pakistan under 10,000

Gaming Chair prices in Pakistan under 10,000

Gaming Chair prices in Pakistan under 10,000″ E-sports have become increasingly popular in recent years. To keep proper posture and avoid back problems like lumbar discomfort, one should have comfortable seats for this.

However, high-quality gaming with comfortable seating elevates your gaming performance as well. The high quality and enormous features chairs cost more. With that said, you’ll find a reasonable chair with good specifications in a range of RS. 20,000-35,000.

Here’re a few latest gaming chairs with updated features to give you a great seating experience while gaming.

Gaming Chair prices in Pakistan under 10,000


MXG is a large diamond quilted with a luxurious racing seat that supports your back. The adjustable lumbar cushion reduces the chances to lower back pain while sitting for a long time. It contains shock-absorbing nylon casters that allow stability and mobility simultaneously.

Moreover, the 2D armrest is great to adapt adjustable armrests in various positions to reduce fatigue. MXG is a PVC leather chair with a weight capacity of 150kg and a frame material made of steel. It contains a tilt range of back at 150°. It often comes in a red shade. 

Global Razer- Gaming Chair prices in Pakistan

Next up, the global razer gaming chair is highly comfortable (Red shade) due to its features of an adjustable headrest, 3D armrest, recline with 90-180°, rotatable mode at 360°, and supreme height-back adjustment. It provides great lumber support to avoid lower back issues due to sitting for long periods.

1st Player P01

If you want to improve your gaming experience then 1st player is for you! It has extended the product line to gaming chairs. It contains adjustable moving armrest. The color scheme varies in blue, white, and yellow.

This spectacular gaming chair offers a height-back adjustable seating of up to 12 cm with a back angle of up to 90-135°. 

Arozzi Torretta

Lastly, Torretta is another extended product line of Arozzi’s Toretta chairs. It is made with soft fabric material to enhance the comfortable gaming experience. The ergonomic design of the chair creates ease for your back and posture while gaming. The Torretta chair comes in either grey or blue color.

It comprises 2 soft pillows; one supports the lumbar region of the back and the other supports your neck and head.