Zong 80gb free Internet code in October 2023

zong 80gb free internet code

Are you looking for Zong 80gb free internet code?? We are here to provide you with the code and detailed information. Just have a look at the article.

Zong 80gb free Internet code:

If you are Zong user and want to know free internet code then you are at the right platform. We are providing here all the details about the code. Here we are also telling necessary requirements for the code. This is only valid for Zong users. Other network users can’t use this free code. For further details keep scrolling.

zong 80gb free internet code


You just have to dial the code *9# on you phone. For this purpose your device must be MBB qualified.

More Requirements:

  • Firstly dial the code.
  • Secondly enter your MBB number.

Check by SMS:

You can SMS you MBB number to 6555 to check if your device is MBB qualified or not.


Please keep in mind one thing.

The thing is that……. Only Zong MBB users can get this free 80gb free MBs. 

So you can activate free internet by following these steps:

  • Open you dial pad on phone.
  • Enter the code *9#.
  • Also send MBB number.
  • Send MBB number to 6555.
  • If you are verified as Zong MBB user then you will get free MBs.
  • MBs you get are 80gb.

You can then use these free MBs easily.

Other packages:

Zong is also providing other packages an offers.

One offer is to go on play store and download Zong app. After installing app just enter your number and you will get 4gb free internet.

  • Dial *10# to get 4000 MBs and on net minutes.
  • Dial *3000# to get 30 MBs.
  • Dial *6464# to get 100 MBs.
  • Dial *20# and get 7 GBs.
  • Dial *50# and get 2500 MBs.

So this is all about Zong 80gb free Internet code. There are also some other packages for Zong users.

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