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8 Best Nail Biting Treatment at Home

Nail biting is a sign of some sort of depression, anxiety, or other mental disorder. This problem must be addressed by parents or adults because it can be harmful. No need to worry in this article you will find different ways of nail biting treatment at home.

Nail biting is a way to release stress when people are confused and are under stress, they start biting their nails. Some people start playing with their hands, fingers, hair, pens, or even with there skins but the most common is nail biting.

Almost half of the teens and adults bite their nails. In boys, this problem is seen more as compare to girls. The following are some home remedies to treat nail biting.

Nail Biting Treatment at Home

8 Best Treatments at Home for Nail Biting

Trim your nails properly

When you see that your nails are big enough to bite, trim them at that instant. Don’t grow your nails big unless you quit nail biting. Nails contains hundreds of invisible germs and bacteria. When a person frequently put his nails in his mouth, it gives a motorway to bacteria. That will result in infections and other diseases.

Apply some Bitter taste thing on Nails

Another helpful idea is to apply something which is bad in taste and does not give a good sensation after putting it in your mouth. In markets, this type of nail paints a re available that are bitter in taste and design for this purpose. But if you don’t want to buy that simple way is to apply some red chili powder or you can rub garlic on your nails. You can also use bitter melon (karela) for this purpose.

Go for manicure

Go to a spa or salon and get a good manicure. If you have invested money in something you would never bite that thing whether they are your nails. Expensive manicure is also the option. By biting nails growth of your nails become slow and irregular. It may cause redness on your fingertips.

Adorn your Nails with Nail polishes

This remedy is for not for boys, it is obvious that they cannot apply different nail paints on their nails. As girls are fashion conscious, so they will love to adorn their hands with beautiful colors. You can use artificial nails or can invest more money to have some fancy acrylic nails. I guarantee that you would not bite your expensive nails.

Use stress relieve toys

As mentioned above, nail biting is majorly caused by stress and depression. To avoid biting nails you can use alternate stress-relieving toys or things. Stress ball, fidget spinner, slime, and other things like these can be used as a good substitute for nail-biting. Nail biting can be a symbol of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Replace or bad-habits with a good one

You can make your hand busy in something productive that will protect your nails and would help you to come out of your stress mode. You can do drawing and writing or you can do the cooking. You should indulge yourself in healthy activities.

Wear Gloves or other hand wears

Your nail biting is severe and above mention points don’t help you. You should wear gloves whether they are of plastic or surgical gloves. Just cover your nails with some kind of stuff. That your nails should not come in direct contact of your mouth.

Take the initiative to quit nail biting

If you are an adult and want to quit nail biting then you should take an initiative and help yourself to quit this habit. Keep yourself motivated by any means. You are stressed than believe yourself. All tension is temporary what matters are your nails.

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