Benefits Of Fasting on 9 And 10 Muharram

Benefits of Fasting on Muharram

Benefits of Fasting in Muharram: Muharram is a very auspicious month since it is the only one to which Allah’s name has been connected; the Prophet Muhammad (saw) described it as “the Holy Month of Allah.” In fact, the holiness of Muharram was so well-established that even the Quraysh used to fast on specific days throughout the Jahiliyah (age of ignorance) period. One such day is the Day of ‘Ashura, which commemorates Allah (SWT) releasing the Prophet Musa (A.S) and his followers from Pharaoh’s bindings on the tenth of Muharram. During this holy month, he warns us not to “wrong ourselves,” which simply means to watch out for our intentions and behavior and to avoid sinning.

Benefits Of Fasting on 9 And 10 Muharram


Fasting is the deliberate reduction or cessation of all food, liquids, or both for a certain period of time. Short-term fasting can have considerable health advantages, despite occasionally being perceived as harmful, depriving, or only appropriate for religious purposes. Mild stress caused by fasting causes our cells to adapt by improving their capacity to handle it. To put it another way, they get stronger. This mechanism is comparable to what occurs when we exercise and place stress on our muscles and cardiovascular system.


Even before the advent of Islam, people observed Ashura by fasting. During Muharram, it is strongly advised to fast as much as you can. ”The Sacred Month of Allah (Muharram) is the finest time to fast after Ramadan”. Given the Hadith, it is advisable, though not required, to combine the 10th of Muharram fast with another fast. Ideally on the 9th of Muharram. Because Jews exclusively fast on the 10th of Muharram. Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) wished to differentiate between the Islamic and Jewish ways of fasting. A Sahih Hadith states that among Allah’s numerous rewards for someone who fasts on the “Day of Ashura” is the forgiveness of their sins from the previous year. This is an example of Allah’s generosity to us. For observing one day of fasting, He forgives the sins of a whole year. And Allah is the Greatest Lord.

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