Spectrum Internet and TV Packages in Pakistan

Spectrum Internet and TV Packages in Pakistan

Spectrum Internet: As previously mentioned, Charter Communications which also provides landline phone services, internet, and recently, mobile phone services through spectrum mobile, has a television business known as Spectrum TV. In 2014 Charter began marketing its Internet, TV, and phone services under the Spectrum name. It presently ranks only behind AT&T and Com-cast as the third-largest pay-TV provider in the US.

Spectrum Internet and TV Packages in Pakistan

Spectrum TV plans

Both those who would like to cut the cord and those who have a normal cable TV connection at home can choose from a variety of plans.

Cable TV Plans

For Cable TV consumers, Spectrum TV provides four different basic plans. In the package, theĀ  Spectrum TV app for computers, mobile phones, and smart TVs, as well as thousands of free and paid TV series on demand are accessible to the subscribers of all plans. Considering where you are, each deal’s precise channel list could be different. If you will pay extra charges then premium channels might be included in the plan subscribed.

  • Choice- The plan starts at $34.99 per month. In this plan, you can pick all of your broadcast channels plus an extra 10 stations from the 72 channels list.
  • Select- The package starts at a price of only $44.99 per month. In this package, you can access more than 125 HD channels.
  • Silver- Starts at approximately $74.99 per month and offers free access to HBO Max streaming service Users can enjoy more than 175 HD Channels which include Showtime, NFL Network, and HBO.
  • Gold- The package includes over 200 channels consisting NFL Network, HBO, The Movie Channel, Showtime, and Starz Encore and also provides access to HBO Max Streaming. The package starts at $94.99 per month.

A DVR box, Cable Card, or set-top box gadget linked to your home TV is required for all the plans offered. The Spectrum TV App can also be used by the customers to get these channels. Also remember that Spectrum also provides phone, internet, and mobile services bundles for other prices.

In places with high competition, some clients are given access to an additional, unpublished plan. For $19.95 per month, the Lifestyle package offers local channels in addition to more than 50 other cable channels. But you can only avail this if you combine it with internet service.

Only Internet Plans of Spectrum Internet

Customers who use the internet only can also sign up for Spectrum TV Stream, which costs $34.99 and provides all the Local TV channels as well as 25 additional cable TV channels. There is an additional fee for additional channels. Customers whose main focus is only to use the internet can select Spectrum TV Essentials for $14.99 per month. This package will deliver 62 channels but no local channels. These packages have the limitation that it can only be streamed on PC and smart TV channels. Mobile devices using the Spectrum TV app can also access the packages.