Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 2020

This is the list of Latest Exide Battery Price in 2024. Amid the shortfall of Electricity distribution all across Pakistan. To manage the scorching summers. Pakistanis are looking for alternative energy backups. One of the simple solutions is the Inverter-Battery System.

The Monsoon Climate has hit Pakistan. This is resulting in major and long-duration power cuts throughout the whole country. Metropolitans like Karachi and Lahore are the most affected areas. The reason for this is the unexpected and non-caterable rain spells in these cities.

Inflation is going exuberantly high. The power sector has badly failed to meet the demand of Electricity in Pakistan. Non-scheduled load shedding is carried out. Also, the pricing of electricity has increased considerably over time. Consumers look for reliable batteries as energy backup systems.

Exide Battery Price in 2024

Model Plates Ampere (Ah) Prices
GL-GR50 N/A 40 4,200
GL-55 N/A 45 4,900
N-70 9 50 4,500
N-80 11 65 5,000
NS-65 13 55 5,700
N-105 13 90 7,800
NS-90 13 72 7,400
N-140 19 118 8,700
6X-120 15 108 10,000
N-310 17 120 11,000
N-135 PLUS 17 130 11,300
HP-190 12 190 13,000
N-200 23 170 13,200
6LT170 23 130 14,500
N-220 25 200 15,500
NS-185 27 150 16,000
HP-220 14 220 17,000
N-250 31 230 20,900

K-electric is unable to deliver electricity in Karachi due to the lack of energy distribution Infrastructure. Also, the billing cost is reaching its high limits. This is due to the increased prices of fossils from which electricity is produced. People are working on new solar battery power alternatives. This list of Exide Battery prices in Pakistan in 2024 will help you to buy your perfect battery.

The latest edition category is the HP Series by Exide. They are specifically designed for UPS and Solar use. This means that they have a deep cycle and an estimated long life of almost three years. The pricing is highly competitive. The higher ampere ranking is good for heavy usage. Also, this means that the batteries can store more energy between charges.

I hope this list of Exide battery Prices in 2024 helped you choose your ideal backup system. For the latest news and updates remain hooked with Story Pakistan.