AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan 2023 June Update

AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan 2021

This is a list of AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan in 2023. Today, I have made this list for consumers to simplify the process of buying an AGS Battery. Due to the ongoing Monsoon Climate. To ensure the safety of Public powers is usually cut off.

This is good and bad either way. The reason for this lies in the fact that when electricity is not circulating the chances of accidents are reduced. On the other hand, there is no electricity available for consumers. So, they need a backup system to run electrical appliances and to cater to other household tasks. A battery-inverter system is the best option. This is the Price list of AGS Batteries in 2023.

AGS Battery Prices in 2023

(Commercial and Household)

Model Plates Ampere (Ah) Price
     AGS GL 48 12V AGS GL48 9 35 9,520


11 50 13,126


9 50 12,900


11 45 14,400
AGS GL65 12V

AGS GL65 12V

13 45 13,300
AGS GR87 11 60 15,600
AGS GR85 13 70 22,950
AGS GR95 13 75 18,000
AGS GR100 15 80 23,208
AGS 61TF 120 15 85 26,665
AGS N125 17 100 27,904
AGS GX132 17 100 26,250
AGS GX135 19 105 26,750
AGS GX165 21 120 36,581
AGS GX175 23 140 38,458
AGS GL190 23 150 44,393
AGS GX200 27 175 50,317


With evolving technology batteries are becoming cheaper and more reliable. The latest models are Deep Cycle Batteries. They have a long life of more than 3 years. They are specifically optimized for Solar and UPS use. This is the Price list of AGS Batteries in 2023. Also, check out Exide Battery Prices in 2023 by Clicking Here.

Atlas Hybrid (AGS) is specifically designed for use in vehicles including Cars, Vans, Trucks, and Trailers. They have a partnership with Honda Atlas Pakistan. They supply batteries to the company’s vehicle lineup. All this assures the technical feasibility of the batteries to be used in vehicles.

Top AGS Battery Prices in 2023

(Atlas: Vehicle Lineup)

Model Plates Ampere (Ah) Price
Atlas HB46 9 30 11,467
Atlas HB50 11 38 13,484
Atlas HB65 13 45 15,703


I have compiled this List of AGS Battery Prices in 2023 in Pakistan. I hope this helped you to choose a suitable option among AGS Battery Prices in 2023 in Pakistan. For more news and updates stay tuned to Story Pakistan.