PTCL Internet Packages in 2024- 4MB, 8MB, 16MB

PTCL Internet Packages in 2021

PTCL Internet packages: Pakistan Telecommunication line services provide you the best internet packages in this time of the pandemic. When everyone stuck to their hoses and nobody can go outside to the office or to school. It is the time when everybody has the most need of internet to their houses. Because all of them in offices work turns to online work And for online working, you are in desperate need of very good internet connection. Because poor connection can leads your way to serious problems(just kidding).

But at this age, it is a great requirement to have an internet connection of your own. So here we are going to tell you about some reasonable pocket-friendly internet packages by the PTCL.

PTCL Internet Packages in 2024

Since every student is taking online classes. So no student wants to skip some important discussion of their class. No want wants an interruption in their YouTube videos while cooking from some tutorials. In this pandemic the internet is a compulsory need of everybody. Because the sim card data packages are no doubt very expensive to you and your pocket. You are in search of some friendly internet packages. Pakistan Telecommunication line services are giving you the best of their packages.

Best Internet Packages By PTCL in 2024- 4MB, 8MB, 16MB

Some of the best internet packages with several facilities are no far from you. you can check these packages according to your requirement and budget and select the package of your won choice.

1. 4MB PTCL Internet package

This is the lowest of all the packages by PTCL. You get the speed of 4MB internet with this fastest downloading and streaming. The charges and the deals range from 1500-2000 rupees per month. you can choose this package if you are only a few people to use it for good speed results.

2. 8MB PTCL Internet package in 2024

Fast speeding is available in this package of fast downloading and streaming. The charges range between 2000-3000. Which is very reasonable for family usage. Every one of the family can avail the speed of it.

3. 10MB PTCL internet package in 2024

The super fast speed of the internet is available for you in this package. The charges range from 3500-4000 per month. You can speed up or speed down according to your usage.

These are some of the high-speed internet packages with high-speed downloading and streaming of the videos by the PTCL in 2023. Some other internet bundles and packages are also available at their official website.